The Attunga Garden is a mix of old and new.

The property was purchased by Sonya and David Evans in 2004. The original garden nurtured by the Rollason family had a mixture of stunning established Elm trees and liquid Ambers with splashes of striking roses.

In 2007 Sonya and David commissioned Paul Bangay to help them create a slightly more formal garden with the following requests;

  • Large manicured expansive lawns
  • Deep structured garden beds
  • Incorporate the established trees into the new plan with lots of azaleas, dogwoods and camellias inspired by David’s love of Augusta National in Georgia, U.S.A.

The result is a wonderful garden with lots of color and shade evolving from the canopy of the existing trees and pristine lawns.

The local climate of heavy frosts and cold winters ensures the garden looks very different throughout the seasons in the year. But during spring it all comes together to provide the owners with a striking result.

The garden has been designed by Paul Bangay on axis. From the house to a fountain pond across to a timbered gate along a walk of crab apples and lavender hedging, giving a line of sight to a pavilion made from ironbark sitting at the end of a jettied walk across a manmade pond.

The massive ironbark arbours puncture the garden beds with a generous growth of Wisteria. The garden is always being extended and recently there has been a “Ha Ha Wall” added that starts a long drop to a forest of Pear Trees that border the property.


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82 Rollasons Road,

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